15 things about North Korea that make it famous and notorious

North Korea Facts : North Korea, known all over the world as the easternmost part of the Asian continent, has always been in controversy due to its system of governance. Sometimes there was a disputed satellite test, sometimes about the dictatorial democracy there. The fire arising out of one dispute is not cold that the other one starts smouldering.

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The ruler of North Korea issued a decree not to share the horrific truth of North Korea on social media through photographs. In addition, he has also threatened to blow up Manhattan with hydrogen bombs.

Well, many more things of this country will surprise you. read here some such amazing facts about North Korea -

North Korea Facts : Interesting Facts about North Korea

1. Pyongyang of North Korea is only for the rich: North Korea Facts

Only the rich people and government workers can live in the capital of North Korea, the general public cannot live here. The general public has to stay out of the capital.

2. This year is 109 in North Korea: North Korea Facts

In the whole world, where this year is 2020, in North Korea it is 109th year. In North Korea, the year is calculated from the birth year of Kim Il-sung (Former Premier of North Korea).

3. North Korea is not a leftist country: North Korea Facts

The whole world remains confused about the fact that North Korea is a leftist country. Since 2009, North Korea has become a country of "Juche ideology". However, in North Korea, the old leftists are given much priority.

4. Only government employees and military can own vehicles in North Korea.

Yes, it is completely true. No person can own a private vehicle here. All people use public transport. There are restrictions on buying private vehicles in North Korea.

5. In North Korea, human feces is used as manure : North Korea Facts

What shall we call it right or wrong? You decide yourself. But it is true that manure made from human feces is used for food production in North Korea.

6. There are only three TV channels in North Korea:

Now we have become so accustomed to change the channel from remote that we start trembling as soon as we hear this news. But in North Korea, there are only three TV channels which are also official.

7. About 99 percent of North Korean people are educated:

This thing definitely surprises. But this is the truth of North Korea. 99 percent of people in North Korea are educated. This is probably the best thing in North Korea.

8. More than half of North Korea's population lives in poverty:

This thing is for all those people who find solutions to all problems in communism, but the reality is completely different here. In North Korea, most people are living in poverty today.

9. Most buildings in North Korea are painted grey on the outside:

In North Korea, it is necessary to paint all buildings in grey. Along with this, it is also necessary to place statues of famous former rulers of North Korea in all buildings.

10. In North Korea, you cannot have the desired hairstyle : North Korea Facts

Yes, like the ruler here who always keeps the same hairstyle. Citizens also have such orders that they can choose any of the 28 hairstyles only.

11. Up to three generations are punished in North Korea as punishment:

There is no need to be shocked. This is another form of this so-called progressive country. Even grandchildren have to face punishment for grandfather's mistakes.

12. Every citizen of North Korea is in the shadow of the bayonets:

Whether it is the case of forced labor camp or the imprisonment. Here people can neither take pictures of the poor nor share them anywhere. According to the administration and government here, it does not present a good image of the country.

13. In the election of North Korea, you have only one option:

For other countries, North Korea has democracy. But the number of candidates on electoral ballots is only one. Elections are held here every 5 years.

14. Hemp is not illegal in North Korea: : North Korea Facts

This will probably be the most comforting thing for other countries and ganja (Hemp) seekers. Hemp is legal in North Korea, anyone can produce and sell it.

15. Keeping a Bible and watching porn in North Korea gives the death penalty.

All citizens in North Korea will have to read and watch fixed things. Here, if someone keeps or reads the Bible or see porn, then he is punished to death.

Apart from this, North Korea has many interesting things like - In North Korea, if someone is found watching a South Korean film, he is taken to death. No person can wear jeans here.

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