North Korea Facts - Interesting facts about North Korea

North Korea Facts : A country in which the rule of a cruel ruler continues even today. Which has made headlines in the world's media. A country that can go to the extent of insanity for nuclear testing.

North Korea is one of the countries that have been banned by the United Nations. But North Korea ruler Kim Jong un does not care about these restrictions nor cares about the people of his country.

Today we are going to tell you about the interesting facts of North Korea.

We will tell you how the cruel ruler of North Korea "Kim Jong Un" runs a dictatorship rule over his citizens and what laws have been made by him in North Korea. Also many more interesting facts about North Korea.

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North Korea Facts - Interesting facts related to North Korea

1. North Korea Facts : The citizens of North Korea are prohibited from wearing jeans. In which both men and women are involved and if a citizen does not follow this rule and goes against the rule, then he is punished severely.

2. North Korea's most ruthless ruler is "Kim Jong Un". It is said to be cruel because it killed its uncle by feeding 120 dogs alive.

3. Another strict law was enacted in North Korea. Under which if a Korean citizen is caught reading the Bible, he is given the death penalty.

4. North Korea Facts : The citizens of North Korea do not even have the freedom to run the Internet. In this country, only government and trusted citizens of Kim Jong Un can use the Internet service.

5. Under the law of North Korea, the election of the ruler of North Korea occurs after every 5 years. But you will be surprised to know that the only candidate who is named in this election is Kim Jong Un.

6. If a North Korean citizen is found involved in a crime and is convicted (under North Korean law), he is punished. At the same time, his upcoming three generations also have to suffer this punishment.

7. North Korea Facts : According to North Korea law, photographs of beggars are prohibited here. The reason for this is that North Korea wants to hide its poverty from the world and the ruler of North Korea does not want the truth of his country to be known to other countries.

8. North Korea is the only country in the world that has given open challenge to America to war. Also, North Korea has captured the ship of the US Navy.

9. North Korea's news channels, magazines, newspapers run their country's news and programs related to Kim Jong Un.

10. North Korea Facts : Citizens of North Korea cannot keep hairstyles on their own. According to North Korean law, there are 28 types of hair styles for women and 10 for men. Citizens of North Korea have to follow this law and keep their hairstyles under the law.

11. Tourists in North Korea are only supervised by their guides and tourists are not allowed to talk to the public.

12. Many restrictions have also been imposed on tourists visiting North Korea, under which they are not allowed to carry mobile phones, cameras etc in North Korea.

13. People of North Korea cannot go to another country, nor do they get a visa for another country. Even the government of North Korea does not allow any citizen to go out of the country.

14. In Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, only rich people live or those who hold government jobs can live in this city. Others have to live outside the capital.

15. Common citizens of North Korea are prohibited from purchasing cars. In North Korea, only the government and rich people can buy cars.

16. In North Korea, only government-run TV channels run. There is not a single private TV channel in this country.

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