North Korea Facts - Apart from the cynical dictator, you would not know these strange things about North Korea

Amazing Facts about North Korea : North Korea is a country whose laws are strange. Due to such laws, people there have to face many problems. You may have known dictator Kim Jong, but you hardly know interesting things about North Korea. Today we will tell you about some interesting things of North Korea, which you will be surprised to know.

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While efforts are being made to improve the world, there are many places where human rights are not alive. The people of North Korea do not even know what is happening in the outside world.

Interesting Facts about North Korea

1. North Korea has a very strange law. According to this law, if a person is involved in a crime or violates the law, then that person along with his parents, grandparents and children are also sent to jail.

2. North Korea is one of the countries where no tax of any kind is levied.

3. North Korea is among the top 20 countries in the world in terms of export of fish made items. 60 percent of its exports go to China.

4. Government controlled radio is installed in every home in North Korea.

Government controlled radios have been installed in every house in North Korea. Which the citizens here cannot stop.

5. The people of North Korea cannot even colour their home on their own free will, they have to paint only grey colour on the wall as per the government's order there.

6. In North Korea too, like Israel, women have to join the army till the age of 23.

7. North Korea has the largest army in the whole world, their army is almost 5 times larger than the US.

8. North Korea has banned Coca-Cola since 2015.

9. Marijuana is legal in North Korea : 
Surprisingly, marijuana use is not a legal offence in North Korea.

10. President Kim Jong Un sentenced his uncle to a terrible death. He had thrown his uncle alive among 120 hungry hunting dogs. His mistake was that while Kim Jong Un was giving a speech, he was sleeping.

11. Elections occur every 5 years in North Korea. But you will be surprised to know that people have only one option to choose and that is Kim Jong Un himself.

12. North Korea has its own calendar :
The year 2020 is going on all over the world right now, but year 109 is going on in North Korea. The reason behind this is that the calendar of this country is different from the whole world. This calendar is based on 15 April 1912. 15 April 1912 is the birth date of Kim Il Sung, the former dictator of this country.

13. Cannot celebrate happiness on 8 July and 17 December in North Korea.

14. North Korea has only one Internet company:
There is only one internet company in this country which provides internet in Korean language. Only 605 people here use the Internet in North Korea.

15. North Korea's history books only teach the heroic stories of Kim Jong I and Kim Jong II.

16. A model city named "Jong Dong" has been developed by the government of North Korea to attract South Korean citizens to come to North Korea.

17. In the last 60 years, 23,000 people have moved from North Korea to South Korea. He was also charged with treason. At the same time, only two people have gone from South Korea to North Korea.

18. If you are planning to go to North Korea, So keep your mobile at home. When you go to North Korea, there are rules to seize your mobile at the airport.

19. Traffic lights do not work: There is no traffic light or signal at the intersections here. Traffic policemen control the vehicle with the help of gestures.

20. World's Largest Stadium In North Korea : North Korea has a stadium named 'Rungrado May Day Stadium' which is the largest in the world. The stadium has a total of 150,000 seats. It is located in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

World Largest Stadium In North Korea, Rungrado May Day Stadium

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