Tensions rise in Korean peninsula - North Korea blows up liaison office building

North Korea News : North Korea demolished the Inter-Korean Liaison Office building located within its border on June 16, (Tuesday) and also confirmed the cutting of all communications with South Korea.

Tensions in the Korean peninsula have increased since the move by North Korea. Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) has reported the demolition of this office.

South Korea's Unification Ministry said the building located in the North Korean border town of Kesong was demolished at 2.49 pm local time. However, the Ministry of Unification of South Korea did not elaborate on this.

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Let us tell you that many people of North Korea have left the country and gone to South Korea, and from there they blow pamphlets in balloons. Which come to North Korea. Perhaps this is the reason why North Korea blew up this building.

North Korea News

North korea latest news : News agency Yonhap has released a few photographs, in which the smoke is seen rising from a complex in the building. The agency said that the area is part of the now closed industrial park. This is where the liaison office is located.

Even after talks held last year, North Korea has failed to get an exemption from the USA. For this reason, North Korea is putting pressure on South Korea. Along with this, North Korea has repeatedly expressed outrage over South Korea in recent weeks.

KCNA (Korean Central News Agency) also did not provide detailed information on how the office was demolished, but said it was "severely devastated by a major explosion."

The reason for North Korea's displeasure is to send letters by social workers inside the North Korea border, these letters are sent in balloons. South Korea has been unable to stop them.

Hours before the office was demolished, the North Korean military warned of entering areas that had been demilitarised under inter-Korean peace agreements. Experts say North Korea could pose security threats to South Korea near land and sea borders.

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